Yawning:Monkey See-Monkey do…

Ever wonder why when we see someone yawn, then repeat it, even if we aren’t tired why that is?  Is this something conscious or subconscious?

This became the topic of conversation the other day between a couple of friends and myself, so I began to observe it throughout the next few days.  Every time someone would yawn (like for example in the elevator) one or two would follow with a yawn of their own.  I looked into this further and checked up on a few studies,articles, websites,etc and found the following ….

Yawning is believed to be mostly an UN CONSCIOUS signal and/or action.

When someone yawns, it’s signal creates a response that passes through your“mirror-neuron system,” because it contains a special type of brain cell that become active both when their owner does something, and when he or she senses someone else doing the same thing- (from the World Science of study 05′).

Several other studies I found had similar back and fourth theories, but NONE of them have any conclusive evidence as to WHAT causes this.  Apparently there is a response that is automatic within our brains, but to this day- researcher are still scratching their heads to figure out the how and why.

So there you have it,  the next time someone brings this up (as it seems to be a common topic for some reason)we know that it is subconciously contagious- we just don’t know why ?!?!…. oy,all of this research has made me tired folks yawwwnnnnn…… lol have a great day!

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  • http://www.laferle.com Cindy L

    Yawning is contagious for me too … just thinking about it makes me… yawn :-) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • monica

    haha LOL me too! Thank you happy v day to you too:)