Jump for Joy- and to be fit:)

As I am getting back into my personal training, and love for fitness, I have been changing routines, trying different methods,  and checking out new exercise equipment .  What’s my verdict for the week?  Nothing beats the classics.

I am of the thought that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment to get results.  This brings us back to the good old jump rope.  Amateur and professional boxers have used jump ropes for many years to perfect their footwork, timing, and stay conditioned, so it’s just as effective for you.

After doing some research and comparisons jumping ropes burns a surprisingly high amount of calories – up to 1000 calories in an hour!    Just ten minutes of fairly strenuous exercise with the rope is as effective as thirty minutes of jogging, and it tones every part of your body.

Jumping ropes actually have an advantage over jogging or running. With jump ropes, the shock of hitting the ground is absorbed equally by both feet, whereas with running or jogging, each foot may absorb up to five times your body weight when you hit the ground. With jump ropes, the calf muscles tend to absorb the impact, causing less muscle strain.

Using a jumping rope tones the muscles in every major muscle group, throughout the entire body. Regular jump rope practice will also help in developing long leaner muscles. A jump rope workout also optimizes cardio conditioning and studies also show that it can help to build and maintain healthy bones.  SO GO GET A ROPE AND HOP TO IT:)

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  • Heather

    Love the idea…it’s too cold to go running right now and I can jump rope inside!

  • monica

    hey Heather! you got it! and if you do it in intervals (rest for 2min and start back up again) you can really build yourself up to longer sessions and more calories expended:)