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Bouquet-focused kissing shot by Nick Sadowski

Photo by Nick Sadowski

If you are anything like me, you find life whizzing by at one thousand moments a minute.  Occasionally, you find that some of these rapid fire moments are special enough to have cataloged for review.  While it is relative as to what makes a moment special, folks like me do not like to overdo the flick-taking.  Some of us love to live in the moments, so we tend to neglect to nab a freeze frame.   Thing is, even if I wanted to [take more pictures], I cannot as I do not have the tools to do so.

I am one of the geekier guys you may meet in real life, but I do not own a Blackberry or an iPhone.  I don’t even have a digital camera, let alone a pocket digital HD camcorder like the Sony MHS-PM1 Webbie HD™ Camera.  I spend a lot of time researching electronic devices and lusting for the impulsive instance that I may dent my checking account in the purchase of these items, but that was not possible happening in the last couple of months as I recently got married.  The funds that I did have went to magical elves that needed a lot of money to design a magical dress out of golden tresses.  LOL  I kid, I kid.  The elves actually just charge extra to procure material for weddings specifically.

While I may make jokes of the male perspective regarding weddings, I realize the value of trying to save some of the moments of the process of getting married.

Hubert and Eliza Sawyers in sunglasses by Chris J. Lee

Photo by Chris J. Lee

I recently had the distinct luxury of having fellow Michigan State Spartan and generally-all-around nice guy, Chris J. Lee of Holy MoLee Photography, LLC, help me and my then-fiancee/now-wife capture some staged moments to commemorate our wedding engagement.  As we have been fiscally-prudent with our wedding arrangements, we originally opted not to do it with our current wedding photographer, Nick Sadowski of Nick Sadowski Photography.  We realized that we may regret not getting engagement photos and we we wanted to throw some business to a new friend, so I called up Chris to see if he could fit us in before he got too busy with the upcoming wedding season.  Lucky for us, he was able to do it.

Let me say I am a big advocate of customer service and being professional, so I always look for it whenever I am doing business with people.  Working with our photographers was no different and I can say that both Chris and Nick are at the top of their games. My wife and I are not supermodels. We do not know how to pose or what kind of shots would look good for us. When we took our engagement shots, Chris had a lot of ideas as to what type of shots he was seeking. He always made sure we were okay with the shot concept, then proceeded to set us up – while respecting our space – to take the pictures.

As a dude that does not really care to take posed pictures, I appreciated the wherewithal that my photographers had to know I was not really into taking the shots. They catered to my withdrawn sensibilities and kept humoring me, which made the process more fun.

Quick tip(s): Before you shell out major cash, make sure you get a sense of their working style.  If you seek a lot of candid shots, then make sure your photographer’s shots are solid in that area.  It also helps if you can get a sense of their character, so pay close attention to the vibe you get when meeting with them in person.

Check out the shots we took with Chris J. Lee of Holy MoLee Photography. If you like his work, make sure you tell him Hubert and Eliza sent you!

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