An Interview with Hubert!

I ran across a recent interview that the infamous Charlie Wollborg from Curve Detroit conducted with Hubert Sawyers. We love Hubert at The Urbane Life. Hubert is a great and interesting writer, as well as someone who apparently, based on his following at his Tuesday Tweet-Up’s can lead a Tribe. You can also follow Hubert at his own blog Frying in Vein.

Charlie defines a Tweetup and a Tweetea for us below. Charlie knows a thing or too about community and networking too, as he co-founded and created Motor City Connect!

Tweetups are face-to-face meetings of twitter users. They are usually held at a bar for large groups of tweeple and can turn into a wild fun happy hour night.

Tweeteas are a bit different. A smaller group. An intimate setting. Deeper conversations.

Both are interesting, fun and great way to connect with people instead of pixels.

A kinder gentler tweetup from Charlie Wollborg on Vimeo.

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  • Hubert

    Thanks to Charlie for the interview. I am amazed by the interest in #tweetea. It’s pretty much the deepest long-tail keyword I’ve ever been associated with in my short life.

    Remember, #tweetea is open to anyone, even if you don’t use Twitter! You’ll meet some of the most interesting people doing even more interesting things in Metro Detroit, which will help contradict the bad news you see in the media daily.

  • Matt Dibble

    Tweetea is one of the reasons I’m so upbeat and positive about the future of Detroit.