Royal Oak’s Finest, errr, Fittest

CR:  Wigwam Jones via Flickr

CR: Wigwam Jones via Flickr

Noticed any buff firefighters in Royal Oak lately?  According to the Associated Press, Royal Oak’s finest have been working out.  The results?  They’ve lost 400 pounds!

A $75,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency bought exercise equipment for the suburban Detroit department as part of a plan to increase employees’ health and fitness. –AP

According to the AP, the program was the idea of Cary Thompson, the Royal Oak firefighter who applied for the grant.  FEMA funds were used to purchase treadmills, elliptical trainers and bicycles for each of Royal Oak’s three fire stations.

One of Royal Oaks Fittest CR: jimrenaud via Flickr

One of Royal Oak’s Fittest CR: jimrenaud via Flickr

Thompson lost 38 pounds; two other firefighters lost at least 30 pounds.  Let’s see — that means the remaining 58 firefighters lost about 5 pounds each.  Not bad.  Keep it up guys!

Royal Oak Fire Department

FEMA Helps Royal Oak Firefighters Lose 400 Pounds

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  • Frank

    That’s a lotta dollars per pound! But I guess if it results in a life saved, or less omnry spent in healthcare for these men, that’s all good too.

  • Brandon

    It does seem kind of pricy — I actually calculated the amount per pound in the first post, but didn’t want to pick on the firefighters too much, as I think their goal is a worthy one!