Network at MCC Millennials Happy Hour (This Friday)

Greetings everyone,
Above is a screenshot from a video currently in development by the Motor City Connect (MCC) Millennials. Yep, that’s me looking real thoughtful. I wish I could show you the video now, but we are better at building relationships than we are at editing mpeg files. Speaking of which, here at Urbane, we are looking for a person that is really adept at playing with camcorders and internet video. If that’s you, leave us a comment!  [TANGENT]

Anyway, I just wanted to cordially invite Metro Detroiters, particularly those of drinking age and UNDER 30, to join us for a happy hour at Commune in Royal Oak. The event will take place on Friday, January 16th, starting at 5pm.

It’s going to be a very relaxed environment. We are more interested in getting to know you as a person than how much money your company makes or how many deals you made this week. We are looking to cultivate a community of young professionals that is primed and ready to support positive change in our region. We are living in interesting times, so it only helps to make new connections because you never know when you may need to look for a new job or find someone that knows how to do taxes.  Possible activities for the group range from resume-building seminars and volunteering with high school students.  Together, as young people, we can do great things.  Get involved, join MCC Millennials!

This following video was made in the same session that my photo above was taken. The host is Shauna Nicholson, marketing manager at BizNet and a founding member of MCC Millennials. Some of you may be very familiar with these surroundings:

Shauna Nicholson tours an eco-friendly Urbane apartment from Henry Balanon on Vimeo.

For more information, check us out on Facebook.

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  • Babs

    OUCH! Under 30 only? What about those of us out there who care about the area that are little more seasoned than that. Not very inclusive, imho.

  • Hubert

    You can always join Motor City Connect, which the MCC Millennials is a subsidiary.

    All the same, if you are interested in hanging out with a bunch of youngsters, feel free to stop on through. We created this group to make it easier of those of us that feel a little awkward being the youngest people in the mix. There are not many of us that we see at networking events and we’re trying to fix that. We aren’t trying to insult anyone. It’s more for a greater cause.

  • Babs

    Thanks for that — I understand now. Being 35, I like to think of myself as young and this post made me feel very old. I do appreciate the MCC link. Hadn’t heard of them and didn’t realize that yours was a sub-group of a larger group. Keep up the great work here.

  • Eric Brown

    Hey Hubert,
    Just want you guys/gals at the Motor City Millennials know that I and Urbane really support what the group is up to. It is the young folks that will resurrect SE MI. Please know that we are here to help in any way we can.

    How did the outing go?