Sip away and don’t feel as guilty:)


This time of year with the holidays and new year upon us, people are out and about and celebrating life while guzzling empty calories at the same time!  Here are some better options for drinks that won’t leave you feeling as shameful on the calorie count the next morning…..

A few tips to know is that mixed drinks tend to creep up on calories quicker than beer or wine, depending on what you are mixing with as well as the proof of the alcohol.  Try to stick to sugar free syrups or diet soda’s if you must mix.

“The higher the proof the higher the calories”


Michelob ultra 95 Calorie Beer


Vodka tonic-


Dry Martini-


Rum and diet Cola-

rum and coke

Vodka w/ lemons-

Make your own Appletini- (use Vodka and real apple slices instead of the syrup)


So the next time you are out and about (which I am sure is most of you tomorrow night for New Years) Keep these tips in mind, especially for those of us looking to shed some weight this year but still enjoy life. Just call it Martini moderation!

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  • Brandon

    Perfect post for the new year! Wanna have fun, get a buzz, but not have TOO much work to do the following week in the gym.

  • monica

    Exactly!everything in moderation, and you can still have fun and enjoy life without restricting yourself from happiness ha ha

  • Brandon

    I think I’m gonna take a 2-month break now! One drink limit, 1-2 nights a week, til the bar exam is over in late Feb.

  • Monica

    Good idea! It has a lot of advantages when de-toxing the body of alcohol that we are all too used too. :)