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I came across ONE a couple of weeks ago. ONE is a documentary that was shot/directed by husband + wife team of Ward & Diane Powers (from Birmingham, MI). The story of how these first time filmmakers put this film together is truly remarkable + inspiring. Read below >

What happens when a middle-aged trial attorney and father of three wakes in the night with an idea to make an independent film about the meaning of life? Ward M. Powers, with no experience at all in filmmaking, mail-ordered a video camera and set off with his best friend and a cousin on a two-year life-changing experience. Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s maxim: “Follow your bliss,” and with no budget or training, they took to the streets to film ordinary people responding to life’s ultimate questions.


They started with twenty questions, among them: Why is there poverty and suffering in the world? What is the relationship between science and religion? What are we all so afraid of? How does one obtain true peace? Describe God. What is the meaning of life? What is your one wish for the world? Eventually the filmmakers got up the nerve to ask their questions of spiritual teachers, philosophers, authors, artists, priests, rabbis, yogis, imams, monks, nuns, medicine men, social architects and scholars …..

Since the film’s release in 2005, it has been featured at film festivals, sold-out theaters and in six different continents. ONE, The Movie has also shown at over 500 screenings and events worldwide – from universities such as Harvard, Yale and Notre Dame to prisons, barns, corporate board rooms and family rooms!

Educational Programs based on ONE, The Movie have also been created for use in school diversity programs, leading edge Corporate programs as well as through thier Keynote Speaker Program. To learn more about ONE visit > where you can watch trailers, meet the directors, read about the journey, host your own screening + order the DVD, etc.

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  • Dtownie Detroit blog

    Another MI movie I’d like to see, showing the diversity of MI movie-making. I recently did some research on Michigan’s film industry. There have been a number of directories pumping out local movies for a few years now. The LA Times has reported on what they are calling the Hollywood on the Huron.