Monthly Archives: September 2008

your wires need a pedicure

Take a look behind your TV/Computer desk/etc. and you’ll probably see a ton of wires all over the place (audio in/out – video out/in –  black+yellow+red) What a mess! Clean it all up and get this pedicure inspired wire manager. Nice. Click HERE for more pics and info. NevMore Posts – Website the urbane lifeUSA

F#*K the Rain

The forecast says it’s supposed to rain a few days this week. In case it does,.. don’t leave home without this. Click HERE for more pics and info. Via > NOTCOT PS – Also check out > UmbrellaToday? < type in your zip code and get weather alerts texted to you when it’s going to rain. NevMore…

Shane+Shawn from DETNY

Spotted Detroit Natives Shane+Shawn of DETNY over @ > Visit ShaneandShawn for the latest designs, locations + news. NevMore Posts – Website

International Bancard Corporation

Spotted a cool company based in RO > Royal Oak-based International Bancard Corporation (IBC) had a different plan when it came to building a credit card processing business. Instead of luring clients in with promotional rates or free machines they decided to slowly build up an impeccable customer service team that directly responds to the client. A corporation where…

Sporkife (spoon+fork+knife)

If you’re going to carry one utensil to eat your food, it should provide all the necessary tools. This spoon-fork-knife combo ensures this will be the only utensil you’ll need to bring with you. Designed by Joachim Nordwall for Light My Fire, there is a spoon on one end and a fork on the other…

Interview – Hajj E. Flemings

Welcome to the Urbane interview series. Each month we will reach out to individuals/businesses that are doing great things in the Metro Detroit Community. For our first interview I had a chance to ask Hajj E. Flemings some questions. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Hajj E. Flemings and I am…

Sticky Notes

EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo. You’ve never seen sticky notes like this before! Brought to you by Eepy Bird (the same guys that did the Diet Coke + Mentos Campaign) Via >  Kanye NevMore Posts – Website

Detroit Flirt Fest 9.24.08

UrbaneApts is proud to be sponsoring this years Detroit Flirt Fest! Visit Detroit Flirt Fest for more details + purchase tickets. Good times ahead! —- NevMore Posts – Website