walkability rules

Walkscore was created to help people find walkable places to live. But we receommend taking it to the next level and using the service to help you navigate the streets!

Find your nearest library, dog park, doctor, or restaurant. Just plug in an address and watch it work. Walkscore is powered by Google, so you’re able to move the map around, zoom in and out, and get specific directions in a snap.

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  • http://www.aptconnect.com Brent Williams

    I really liked the concept of the website, but I still think it needs more additions to be truly relevant. For example, if it’s 100 degrees outside, walking a block might end up leaving you covered in sweat and smelling a bit funky. But I do like the potential!!

  • http://www.urbaneapts.com diane

    Walkscore is very thorough in our test area. Even one tiny mom and pop party store a few blocks from us is included. And it’s pretty up to date–a store that closed two months ago is no longer listed.