in the thumb driver’s seat

Do you use thumb drives (aka usb drives, flash drives) to store and transfer data? Urbane Apartments is beginning to use them to hand off lease documents to new residents! Upon signing their lease, residents get their lease paperwork, photos of their new apartment, slideshows or videos to show off their new space to their friends and family, and important community FAQs, all housed one teeny little device that doubles as a keychain. The implications are great! Not only is that one little neat drive convenient and a nifty marketing tool,  it’s eco-friendly as all get-out! Take 50 pages of a lease, plus ancillary materials, housed on a flash drive. Multiply it by 500 leases in a year, and you get 25,000 saved pieces of paper! According to, one tree makes approximately 8,000 sheets of paper. Just by switching to flash drives, Urbane is saving 3Beautiful trees trees in just one year–that’s a forest in a decade!

Happy trees…

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  • Starla Rasmussen