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We LOVE Pets

We LOVE Pets at Urbane!


Yes Indeed, Pets are part of our Urbane Brand, part of the fabric of our business.

  • NO Breed Restrictions
  • NO Size Restrictions
  • NO Pet Fees

That is Bert, our Bull Terrier, a short-haired dog of a breed that is a cross between a bulldog and a terrier. Bert hangs out at Urbane Underground most days and loves everyone he comes in contact with. A Good Boy he is for sure. But what about the days we are not able to bring Bert to the office, and what do our residents do with their beloved fur babies during the day? We wanted to give you some options and considerations.

Loving your pet is the easy part. Making sure they have everything they need is a different story. If you don’t have a big backyard because you live in an apartment things can be a bit tricky. You don’t have to feel too restricted or overwhelmed. Living in an apartment does not automatically mean you can’t have a happy and healthy pet! We all know that we need to take our pets outside; they are like people in that they need exercise and healthy food. Providing all of the essentials for a happy and healthy pet is not impossible while living in an apartment, you can read more abut that here, Tips for Living in an Apartment with Pets.  

I tend to frequent the Ferndale Forum ran across a lovely young gal, Brittany M. We exchanged messages about Dog Walking and she agreed to stop in and see us. Come to find out, there is a whole underground world of “Dog Walkers / Dog Lovers for Hire. And, it comes in an App!

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 9.08.31 AM

Meeting with Brittany was a hoot. She is full of energy, kind and has a passionate love for pets. Mix in todays technology, with Uber/Airbnb like App’s and you have a two fold cool situation that unfolds. Pet loving people like Brittany are able to create accounts easily about what their services are on an easy to use website/app, and customers, looking for such services are able to connect. For sure people like Brittany have always been able to strike out on their own and create a business, however the business world is wrought with pitfalls as anyone who has trekked that challenge well know. These new app’s fill a much needed void, they connect like minded people, and solve a much needed problem. We can see in a glance what services are offered and for what price. How to contact is very clear, and the ratings and reviews are very valuable before turning responsibility for our loved four legged creatures to someone else’s care. Dog Walkers have been around forever, but now we can get a sense for who they are and understand what others experience with them has been. The other golden nugget is that there are more than one or two of them, meaning is Brittany cannot make it one day, there are a plethora of other Dog Walkers to choose from. The issue we have experienced in the past, was what happens when our dog person wasn’t feeling well that day, or vacation. Problem solved with these new app’s. So, if you are looking for someone to walk your pooch, or board him or her on more of an intimate level, (she brings your pup into her home, seems like a better fit than a typical kennel) give Brittany a try. One last thing, and I think this is important, Brittany was very adamant about supporting a larger group, that she is also involved with, Royal Oak Dog Walkers. She wanted us to promote them over her, but we felt she deserved some limelight too 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 9.58.28 AM

Royal Oak Dog Walkers was established by Catherine Adamo. You can read about Catherine’s bio, and her Royal Oak Dog Walker Helpers here. Royal Oak Dog Walkers claim to provide the best possible care for your four-legged friends. In addition to walks, they also provide dog and cat sitting, trips to the dog park, and so much more. They  work to accommodate your schedule. If there is something you need that they don’t currently offer- just let them know. They will work with you to meet your pet’s needs. They have a pretty cool Facebook Page

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 10.15.00 AM

Royal Oak Dog Walkers also boasts using Pet Check Technology™! This new technology raises the bar and sets new standards of accountability and client confidence. Pet Check Technology™ is a proprietary system that provides all parties with real-time certainty that your dog is being taken care of. We do this by using mobile barcode technology, email alerts, GPS tracking, and online tools for accuracy and convenience. You’ll be able to track GPS coordinates of your dog’s walk, as well as manage your dog-walking schedule through the secure Royal Oak Dog Walkers management page online. Automated reporting of arrival and departure times arrive via email, so you can see exactly when your dog was walked.

Real-Time Certainty™

Royal Oak Dog walkers are equipped with Pet Check Technology™ on their mobile devices, enabling them to scan your personalized barcodes. Walkers scan your barcode upon entry and exit, and these scans are processed by the Pet Check Technology™ server in real time. The barcode information is synchronized to your schedule and is verified for accuracy. You can opt in to receive a real-time email alert each time your walker arrives and departs from your home.

E-mail Alerts

You can opt in to receive a real-time email alert each time your walker arrives and departs from your home.

 GPS Tracking

 After you receive your real-time alert confirming our walker’s arrival to your home, you can log on to your secure Walk the Dog management page online to track GPS coordinates of your dog’s walk. You’ll never have to second-guess where or how long your dog was walked with the Pet Check Technology™ system.

Online Tools

Pet Check Technology™ provides you with a secure, personalized schedule-management page to help you manage your dog-walking schedule. You can view past and future scheduled dog walks, as well as make requests outside of your normal dog-walking schedule, if necessary. Once a request is made for an additional walk, you will receive a confirmation email from Royal Oak Dog Walkers within 24 hours.

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