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7 Signs You and Your Partner Are Ready To Move In Together

Should you move in together, should you not. Is it too soon? Is it the next step? Everyone you reach out to for advice has an opinion and something different to say. I’ve been there, so I know how difficult it can be to tell if you and your partner are ready to move in together, like I mean really ready. There is no secret amount of time to be dating before you take the plunge, but there are signs to know if you’re ready.

In relationships every couple hits different milestones – from deciding to be exclusive, to first acknowledging each other’s existence on social media, to getting a dog together and tying the knot, but one of the biggest first moves a couple can make is deciding to move in together. Why? Because living together is really telling, and getting the timing right is so crucial. I say that from personal experience of getting the timing really, really wrong. If you move in before you’re ready and it doesn’t work out, it’s hard to go back to just being boyfriend and girlfriend who live in your own places. Secondly, you don’t want to end up stuck living together and then find out you aren’t compatible. It’s so important to make sure you have a good grounding in the relationship and are on the same page across the board before you make the leap.

Obviously living with a partner isn’t always smooth sailing, but how do you know when you’re ready to take the plunge? Here are seven signs you could be ready to move in together:

1. It Feels Like The Next Natural Step

A good indicator of being ready to move into an apartment together is if it feels like the natural next step, naturally. Meaning you’re probably already spending all of your nights together, you have a significant amount of stuff at each other’s place, and commuting between the two is starting to seem super unnecessary. Of course, this isn’t all you need to be ready to move in together, but it’s a good indicator that you’re spending a significant amount of together and are looking to take your relationship to that next step.

2. You’ve Gone On A Long Vacation Together

You don’t know if you’re ready to live together until you’ve spent a lot of time together, without an escape. Meaning when you get annoyed and can’t just go back to your own place. Vacations serve as a wonderful test to see how you two can compromise and if you’ll do okay without a break from each other. Make sure you’ve done it at least once to see how you manage before you decide to move in.

3. You’re Not Just Doing It To Save Money On Rent

I know it’s all too tempting to think “well we are basically living together anyway so we might as well save money,” but you should be moving in because you’re genuinely ready also. The bottom line and harsh truth is that if you can’t agree on money, that will be a sure relationship killer down the road. So if money is tight it’s especially important to talk about finances before you move in.

4. You Already Know How They Annoy You

You love your partner for a whole bunch of reason, but we are all perfectly imperfect. So if you move in together, make sure you’re being realistic about them before you call the U-haul to move in your things. Everyone (including you) has annoying habits, and if you haven’t seen those annoyances in your partner yet, that means there’s a good chance you don’t know them well enough yet to be moving in together. You need to see their dirty laundry first. Remember, never make big decisions when you’re still in the honeymoon period.

5. You Can Deal With Those Annoyances

Not only do you need to have seen your partners baggage, but you need to be sure you can accept it and it goes with yours. There are always going to be tense points in any relationship, but you have to be settled with the things that bother you about your partner and be sure that you can handle them. Don’t think that your problems will get better by moving in together.

6. You’ve Talked Through Logistics

How are you going to split up bills? How much alone time do you both like? Will you have rules about having guests over? Although moving in together is exciting for your relationship, there are a lot of practical things that you need to deal with as well. These are all questions that need to be discussed before moving in together to avoid feeling overwhelmed and resentful.

For example, if you’re an introvert that needs solitude to recharge, but they’re an extrovert and are energized by being around other people, this is something you’ll need to discuss so you can navigate a way to suit both of your needs.

7. You’ve Fought, But You Know How To Communicate and Work Through It

It’s not just the practical stuff that you need to go over, you need to be able to communication about everything, even through an argument. Make sure that you’ve had a fight or two and can deal with the way each other behaved.

When move in with your partner, you need to air things out or else tensions can build up until they explode. Not addressing annoyances can build up and up and up until one of you (or both) snaps. Make sure your communication is open, clear, and compassionate. Once you’re there, that’s a big part of being ready to move in together.

How long do you think a couple should be dating before they move in together?


Written By Jamie Fleetwood


Jamie is a Midwest transplant currently living in Denver, Colorado. She is a writer, creator, and entrepreneur who enjoys road trips, photography, and getting lost. She encourages others to live life their own way by sharing the nomadic pitstops of her life through photos and words from the heart.

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